For the last decade I have worked as a hands-on designer and leader in creative direction for brand, environmental, and product design. During that time I've launched companies, built products, and developed strategic initiatives for organizations spanning art, technology, culture and the environment.

My graphic design training became a vehicle to explore spaces and communities close to my heart. Design gave me a tool which give form to ideas, both my own and those of others. This exchange between the people and the tools I work with are what I love — the process is the practice.

In 2015 I co-founded Alder with a group of close collaborators to support this work, our studio was based in Burlington, Vermont. In 2019, I left the studio to join Mosaic, a seed stage, technology-focused construction company.

Portfolio Request

Over four years as a design leader within the early stage technology-focused construction startup, I've built and refined the brand identity, developed strategy and positioning for different lines of buiseinss, and developed and launched products and interenal tools.

Operated a personal studio practice for myself and Jasmine Parsia where we worked with hyper-local clients to bring thoughtful, challenging, and deeply connected design work to the community. where we lived and loved.

Part of a core team of 4 and a broad network of collaborators responsible for managing, programming, and design of a 20,000 sq. ft. grocery warehouse converted into a work spaces, a gallery and cafe, screenprinting studio.

Championed design and creative as part of an effort to repurpose a decomissioned coal power plant into a community space. My role involved collaboration with the founding team to create brand identity, event activations, fundraising materials, social media content, architectural renderings, and much more.

An ongoing collaboration with Fuse marketing as a graphic designer responsible for client projects across large corporate clients such as Amazon, Mountain Dew, Dicks Sporting Goods, the NBA, and many more.